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Software Updates, MSPs and Continuous Delivery | Array MSP NYC

Software Updates, MSPs and Continuous Delivery

Software Updates, MSPs and Continuous Delivery

The constant delivery model of deploying upgrades has a number of advantages to both end users, software developers and managed service providers.

Continuous Delivery or CD is changing the way software is being developed and released. Instead of releasing huge updates all at once, smaller more manageable updates are released on a constant basis.

  • Changes are smaller and more manageable.
  • New features, bug and security fixes are added all the time instead of in one bulky major update.
  • Smaller upgrades have less chance of error¬†than major upgrades and are mostly undetectable by the end user.
  • Continuous upgrades allow for constant improvement and can help develop a better product.

What does this mean for MSP’s?

With more software being developed under the continuous delivery model, more users are expecting faster and better updates than they used to. Instead of upgrading once a year the managed service provider must upgrade on a weekly or monthly basis. Not upgrading software for your clients could mean losing them to other MSP’s when they become frustrated that new features and upgrades aren’t available to them.

Continuous delivery helps make for a better more stable and secure product, so that means upgrades are usually much less painful for MSP support staff than the previous model of rolling out one huge update a year. New features, bug fixes and security patches can be developed and deployed as needed making for a much better experience for both the managed service provider, software developers and users.


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