Microsoft Germany Says Windows 7 Is Too Unsecure For Businesses

German Microsoft Says Windows 7 Too Insecure

A post on a blog at the German Division of Microsoft states that Windows 7 is too outdated of a platform and not secure enough for businesses in today’s world. The post states that businesses should be upgrading to Windows 10.

Markus Nitschke, head of Windows at Microsoft Deutschland, is quoted as saying “Windows 7 … does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments.”

“Windows 7 is based on long-outdated security architectures,” the post continues, before going on to suggest that “corporate customers in particular should deal with the transition to a modern operating system in time.”

The reference to time is to do with the expiry of support for Windows 7; the OS will lose even security updates in 2020. “Companies and users who are migrating from Windows 7 with their sensitive data within three years are faced with enormous dangers,” the post adds.

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