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Cloud Virtual Desktops | Array MSP NYC

Cloud Virtual Desktops

Cloud Virtual Desktops & Applications

– The Array MSP Cloud Virtual Desktop allows you secure access through cloud services from any location and any device you wish. This means you can join colleagues as if you were in the office.

SAFE AND SECURE – With a cloud virtual desktop you have much greater peace of mind over the security of your data. Data no longer resides on the employee’s laptop, PC or mobile device, but in our secure data center. Sensitive company information is totally secure and cannot be lost, stolen or inadvertently erased.

RELIABILITY AND UPTIME – Our systems are built for maximum uptime. They are located in data centers with redundant power and Internet connectivity. You need never to be without your virtual desktop, nor do you need to worry about losing you data; our systems guarantee around-the-clock-protection.

CUT COSTS AND CAPITAL EXPENDITURES – deploying cloud virtual desktops means you no longer have to invest large sums of money on depreciating PC or server infrastructure and software. Instead, a transparent subscription-based model ensures great value and predictable costs. Additionally, with virtual desktop services you can replace future PC purchases with less expensive devices

UPGRADES ARE AUTOMATIC AND FREE – Subscription-based application licensing means every one of your employees will have the very latest versions with no upgrade fees. And since all of your employees are running the same versions, compatibility issues are virtually eliminated.

BACKUPS – Your company data is backed up to redundant storage devices each night and archived data is available for seven days – ensuring that you don’t lose critical data.


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